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About Us

Hellstone Music was founded in 1996 by current owner Sven Hellsten. Sven has a background as a musician from a young age and has played drums in many different contexts. His passion is vintage drums and Hellstone Music has one of Europe's finest ranges that Sven has collected over the years. The transition from being a professional musician to establishing a shop began in 1986. Then Sven traveled to Chicago to buy jukeboxes which he later resold back home in Sweden. The trips became more frequent and shifted more to focus on vintage drums and guitars to buy, sell and trade.


In the 90s, Götgatan was a hub for music stores and the industry flourished. The stores were densely packed and numerous in number - today there are few left with the development that has gone towards online stores and fast deliveries. We at Hellstone belong to the old school and cherish our history. We want our store to feel timeless.


Our focus is vintage guitars, drums and amplifiers.

Hellstone Music has a unique collaboration and friendship with the Swedish jazz musician, cartoonist and writer Jan Lööf. Jan is known, among other things, for his children's books and series about Pelle, Felix and perhaps most famously "Sagan om det röda äpplet". Jan has painted several different motifs with famous musicians in the Stockholm environment exclusively for Hellstone Music.

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Götgatan 24

118 46

Stockholm, Sweden

​08 642 6475

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