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Our Services

Do you want to sell your vintage guitar? Or maybe your vintage drum set? We have many years of experience when it comes to buying and selling vintage and used instruments. We can also help you with appraisals. 

Guitar Workshop

We have a in-house guitar workshop in our store, where you can leave your instrument for all kinds of repair, intonation, cracks and so on. Our luthier has 3 years at the education at the Guitar Builder Academy. 

Standard prices

Restring Western Guitar - 295:- + Strings 

Restring Classical Guitar - 295:- + Strings 

Set Up Electric Guitar (Trusrod Head)- 1.400:- + Strings

Set Up Electric Guitar (Trussrod Neck) - 1600:- + Strings 

Set Up Electric Guitar (with Floyd) - 2.000:- + Strings

Electronic Troubleshooting - 1000:-/hour 

Pickup system installation (Acoustic) - 900:-

Re-Glue Bridge - (Depends on how severe) 1.200:-/1500:- 

New Bridge - 2.700:-

Strap button - 250:- (With Button)

For more specific prices Call the store or Email us.


Do you need your Guitar, Bass or drums  to be appraise? We can help you!

500:- per Instrument

Buy, sell and trade

We buy vintage Guitars, basses and drums.

Do you have something to sell? Or trade? We are always on the lookout 

for vintage instruments. Contact us at:


Götgatan 24

118 46

Stockholm, Sweden


08 642 6475



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